Have you noticed that the posts are not as frequent as they were at the start of the year?  I am afraid I have fallen prey to the infamous resolution.  I always say that I won’t make a resolution because it is too easy to break – especially in the first quarter.  Nevertheless, I get gung ho and dive in head first in my project or projects and before I know it I have a disorganized mess on my hand and a handful of started journals with my big ideas and research.  (I own a lot of half-empty journals) I guess I need to dig a little deeper and find the root of the problem…or at least a better use of my skills and time.  I am open to suggestions.

I read a book years ago at the urging of a friend that helped me to pin down what works best for me.  In my journey, I discovered that I was a “scanner.”  Not in the negative way it might be implied, but rather I work best with short bursts of projects.  Remember back in the day where you had one hour classes in school, switching frequently from class to class?  Well, I apparently thrived in that situation.  Even as I was reading the book, I found myself doing the very same thing.  Reading a chapter, then checking emails, returning calls, reading a chapter, etc.  Over the years I have found that works best for me, so I don’t fight it. 

However, I am seeing a trend of starting projects that I never seem to finish or follow up with once I’m down the path.  I’m great out of the gate, researching, etc., but trying to bring it into the final home stretch has proven to be non-existent.  Luckily, I have people in my life that are better at that than I am, but it is a problem, when I have to make paths in my house around my projects.  Or when I would rather do just about anything than dive into the mess I have made for myself.

I vow to try and break the cycle.  I know in the long run, it will make me a happier person to see something (anything) through to the end.  But in the meantime, I might take a nap, return emails, pay some bills, watch a movie, paint a picture, online shop…anything…ha!


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