So…in my first week of this marathon, what I’ve realized is that quality is more important than quantity. Am I right? I’m hoping this is not a copout but rather a realization that while you can find beauty in each passing day, expressing it out loud is not necessarily needed or wanted.

I felt a little under the weather on day 3 and 4 and while I did write a posting to go live once the website was fixed (which I am still working on), I realized that just as with designing, writing is a creative art that requires you to quite your mind and have the time to evaluate the purpose…as well as find the time.

Let’s get real and be aware that days, weeks and months can pass you by quickly, but in the end it the memories you gather, the friends and family that you treasure, your health and wellbeing that can ultimately tell your tale. All I want to do is to live my best life – wherever the journey may take me.

This weekend, it took me down a bit of an organizational path. While packing away the Christmas decorations, I discovered what the brilliant people at Netflix threw my way…a little show called ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo. I had heard of her in passing a while ago, but I’m late to the party (as usual).

I thought, why do I need to watch a show about how to organize things when I have been doing it forever for myself as well as others with great success?! Then I looked around me and saw all the Christmas decorations filling in the space around me and thought I could use the inspiration. What I didn’t expect was to get brought into the stories of the people and the results that organization can have on people and their lives. So lovely!

I’m a believer in baby steps. For my health and wellness, I have been counting calories and integrating workouts back into my hectic life. For my personal health, I have to find the little victories and small projects that I can reasonably take on in my daily life so at the end of this journey I can be stronger, happier and discovering what might SPARK JOY in my future life.

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