It doesn’t feel like a new year, much less a new decade. Typically on New Year’s Eve, I have a feeling of excitement and hope for another year around the sun. I get geared up making lists/resolutions for the upcoming year, ways to better my life and plan for the future. But this year…nothing.

I’m not sure if that is good (like I’m content with my life and wouldn’t change a thing) or bad (like I’m content with my life and too tired and lazy to change a thing). Whatever the case, my journey continues.

While on staycation, I cleared a lot of clutter from my life, but the end is nowhere in sight. Maybe I’m taking a different approach this time around. My planner is an 18-month planner, so no pressure to organize ever moment of every day from January 1. It is already a work in progress.

Maybe no big lists because the goals are the same – live/work balance, simplify. All good goals to strive for, but they do take time. Will this be the year? I’m hopeful that it will be….until the next time I am compelled to write. 2020…meh.


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