Half way through January and while I am not completely without proof that this 365 journey is not just another unrealized resolution, I certainly don’t have a lot to show for my time.  I am counting calories and working out, but neither with absolute dedication enough to make any difference…yet.  I’m about 75 pages into trying to spark joy with Marie Kondo, but have yet to clean or organize anything.

I guess this is where I would tell myself that it is baby steps, right?!  You can’t just jump into something and expect it to stick right away.  Am I alone in this thinking?

All I can ask is that each week brings more regularity and routine so that it becomes second nature rather than another task or job left undone and making me feel guilty.  The only thing I have been rich with these last couple of weeks is sleep.  I can’t tell you the last time I slept so much.  This weekend, I found myself in bed and nearly asleep by 9:30pm each night and sleeping well beyond my body alarm clock.  Don’t forget naps…I have been a champ at that as well.

Naps and Netflix…I think I just found my next inspirational mantra.  Ha!  I’m off to nap…and maybe a little Netflix to drift off to…


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