I finished my first MasterClass with photographer, Annie Leibovitz today.  I had no idea what to expect in a “Master Class”, so I had no expectations beyond the money I spent for the annual subscription to the site.  She is a woman that I think has lived many lives and this dove only into the kiddie pool of stories.  
It was intriguing to hear her speak about her craft, giving me hope that someone can be so successful and not know everything there ever was about her chosen field.  Truly she is an artist and seems to wear and live that image through and through.
Though, a bit monotone and some emphasis may have been lost in the tone – I did enjoy the peek into the mind of a creative woman whose work I have admired for longer than I realized.  Now might be a good time to glance through all those photography coffee table books that I own before Marie Kondo makes me get rid of them.  Inspiration for a chilly Monday night!


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