I Attract Love, Joy and Peace…that was my meditation mantra this evening.  It is a nice thought (especially early in my 365 journey), but not so sure that it applies to me at this moment.

Love, Joy and Peace 365 Journey

Nevertheless, I prevail.  Day 2 and my light was not dimmed today (maybe would have been a better mantra).  I expressed some of my New Year’s thoughts with a dear friend (who has known me for…let’s be kind and just say a long time) and he didn’t laugh at me.  But as history has repeated, he has heard this from me before, I’m sure.  It is nothing new, but hoping y’all will hold to a higher standard this time around.  I am not foolish enough to believe this will be easy – it is not supposed to be, but I have hope it will get easier over time…so that I can Attract Love, Joy and Peace.

Love, Joy and Peace Love Joy Peace

It was my first day back to work and my light was not dimmed today.  I don’t feel that I was particularly productive, but it can be difficult to conjure creativity from thin air.  I can hope for more tomorrow.

For those of you who do not know me, I was born in the Midwest…in the North.  But I have been living in the southern states for probably more than half of my life at this point.  While I was born and raised with a Chicago accent, the manners and mannerisms of a northerner, in my heart I feel as if I should have been a southerner (maybe in previous life).  Not like just a beach bum or snow bird, but an honest to goodness monogrammed cotillion dress wearing girly girl with a twang.

Love, Joy and Peace yall

This is SO not me, but I wish it could be!  I might sneak in a “y’all” or “soda” once in while, but that is about as far as it goes.  You may see a little influence in the website and possibly more come out throughout my journey.  Please forgive me, for I know not what I do or who I might offend.
Until tomorrow Y’ALL!


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