I try not to look back, which is why I don’t want to read my previous posts where I had energy and drive to see my plans through to completion.  If you have been reading, you should know that I have fallen off that wagon – no surprise there.

Last weekend I realized that each weekday seems to find me lifeless and thoughtless when I get home.  I mindlessly get on my phone or tablet, skim social media, online window shop, play games, etc.  That is not exactly what I would call productive.  Hours – wasted, never to be returned.

It was my first full weekend home after my Las Vegas conference.  I was finally getting to feel normal and on the right time zone.  I got home Friday night full of energy, did my laundry, cleaned up some of my travel leftovers and beyond.  I generated a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend.  It was long, but I was optimistic.

Saturday started off fine – errands mostly and grocery shopped.  By the time I was done around noon, I was so annoyed with the grocery that only had 1 lane open and 20 people in line, the traffic backups, the heat and humidity…I was cranky.  Still…I got home, finished up a big project for work and settled down on the couch with my laptop determined to book my next travel.

Then…the loudest storm we have had in a LONG time hit and my internet went down.  You don’t realize how dependent you are on wifi and all the things connected to it.  Sadly, it didn’t come back on the rest of the weekend.  I took this a sign from the universe to take it easy and have a true day of rest.  I made breakfast and that was about as ambitious as it got.  It all went downhill from there – back and forth between watching movies and sleeping…the ENTIRE day.

What an absolute bum.  Truly, I think my body need it to try and fix itself, but it was probably a little bit of intimidation of my LONG TO DO list as well.  On my drive home on Monday, I geared myself up to do some things that were on my list that evening.  At the end of the night, I thought “that wasn’t too bad” – a few things off the list.  Guilt lifting, slightly.

Before I went to bed that night, I mad a list.  I’m good at making lists!  I went way back when I was working full time while trying to start my own business.  I made lists of things to do each night when I got home and just did them.  Why not use the time I had each night to chip away at my never ending list so that I could maybe enjoy my weekends more?!
This week, I’m trying to do 3 things each night before I pass out.  It has only been three days, but I’m in pretty good shape.  On tonight’s list…blog.  I can check this one off the list.

Not sure if it will last, but if it does, as I hope it does – I’m looking to clear my calendar by the end of the year to really focus on the next chapter and on the things that I wish I always had time to do.
Here is to hoping…again!  


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