September…Labor Day…how is it possible that we are into the ninth month of 2019?  Where has the time gone?  I am not a pumpkin spice girl, but I am a fan of Fall and I am trying my best to will it to come to Florida.  Fall decor is coming out of storage and filling my living and working spaces with the smells of Fall.  One way or another, it will get here…it just might take a couple more months.

But today, and most of last week, we are in a holding pattern.  Waiting to see what Hurricane Dorian will do, where will he go and how hard might he hit or miss us?

It is all anyone can talk about…store shelves are empty, sandbags are in place, possible flying projectiles are hidden away.  Now we wait.  

But knowing me, I have to be doing multiple things at once.  And one of those things is wondering if Hurricane Dorian will clear out my Marie Kondo mess in motion and save me the decision-making time and just trash it all.  If I haven’t looked at it in over a year, do I really need it?  Not likely, but I still put myself through the pain and agony of walking by it each day stressing when I will have the time to clear it all away.  While I made a small dent in the piles this long weekend, there is SO MUCH more to go.  Just thinking about it, I want to lay down and take a BIG nap.  

It is EXHAUSTING always having something to do.  Simplify is the word, right?  How is it that simplifying can be so painful to your mental and physical health?  My trying to do 3 things each day has been working for a few weeks now.  It sometimes has to shift or change, but still does seem to be helping to chip away at the larger problem.

My goal of starting fresh at the end of the year, as time quickly zips by, seems unlikely unless I kick it into high gear or start throwing massive amount of things away.  Maybe I’ll go read a book about how to get off my ass and get to work?  Does that seem like I’m avoiding?  Well, it is a holiday…


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