Where have I been? Ridding my bathroom of old towels, linens and lotions that I never even liked, much less sparked joy. I will admit there are a few odds and ends that I can hopefully get through this weekend, but otherwise, it does spark joy to go in and out of my bathroom now. While, I don’t necessarily agree with her methods, the overall theme of living on less, buying only what you need, when you need it is a sane one, albeit one that can be difficult for this shopaholic.

The other takeaway is definitely the phrase, “Does it spark joy?” I find myself asking that before tossing things, but also before buying something new. As silly as it sounds and as much as she may be mocked, that did resonate with me.

I can see where my extra time and energy could go should I keep up this madness of sorting, tossing and organizing. I can definitely see where it could spark joy in my life…every day. Let’s do this!


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