Welcome to my new website and blog.  This is a very exciting and yet daunting task to put yourself “out” there for all to see.  When I blogged or posted previously, it was mostly for my company Pearl Beach Paperie.  There was a safety in that, that is now lost or left behind.

It is my hope to post personal and inspirational stories, pictures and videos. I’m unsure how often that will be or if anyone will ever read this – so, in this new phase of my life, I will do it for myself.  It is time for change, a time for a little “me” time.

Grandma Studio  Hello World! Grandma Studio 197x300

The death of my grandmother (Ailene Zelda Kilgore) last Fall set in motion a spark for change.  It was shocking to me the responses I received from clients and vendors during my absence while she was ill.  While many were concerned about me, about her health and overall outpouring of love, there were those few that soured the situation and put a bad taste in mouth for the respect for not only me and my family, but also for human life in general.  It dulled my love for my business ever so slightly and forever changed me and my outlook in life.

I reflected on the last seven years of my life of working in excess of six days a week and twelve plus hours a day on average. This left very little time or energy for the relationships in my life. Friendships have been lost or diminished and the time with my family has been less than quality.  It is my hope that with the closing of my business and looking to the future that I will make waves in my former existence and start anew.  Who knows what the world will present to me, but I’m excited to see where it leads…join me on my journey!


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