I had dinner with my sister a few weeks ago and in talking about life (big and small things), I said out loud what I obviously knew inside, but never dared to say to someone else…I LOVE starting projects! However, I have difficulty bringing them across the finish line in any capacity.

I truly think my short (and maybe long) term memory is failing me or I have a really easy time forgetting the things I don’t want to remember. Truly daft. If I even took the time to review my last blog post, I literally typed my same problem, but am no closer to finding a solution. Anyone want to volunteer to be my closer? Help!

I’m currently trying to schedule my vacations. Slowly but surely that is forming. Shocker, I also started another project…a book by an author that my sister and I are hearing speak next week (maybe more on that later). In the first and only chapter I have finished so far, he speaks about how we get into our own way of happiness and success…that we subconsciously talk ourselves out of doing what will improve our existence on earth.

He speaks about how people (especially women) are always talking to themselves and by doing so, build up the anxiety to a paralyzed state where you intimidate yourself into doing nothing. I can completely relate. All of my started projects are literally closing me into a box/room where the only thing I can do is sit in a chair, lift the remote and zone out to TV or my iPad. It is truly sad and am looking for the escape hatch to a simpler and more productive life. I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

In the meantime, maybe I can break my million projects into smaller, more manageable lists and tasks that are not so daunting to chip away at the mess I have created for myself. Wish me luck!


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