Don’t let the heat drag you down

I always say I have the best ideas in the shower.  The trick is holding on to them long enough to put pen to paper or remember them beyond the threshold of the shower.
But if I could bottle the thoughts and feelings that I had earlier today, I am assured to have a great 2015.
I, like pretty much every other person on the planet, have had my share of ups and downs in my life.  But it is how you overcome, reorganize and move on that speaks volumes about your strength and character.
Oh, to bottle the New Year feeling that everything is possible…this will be the year I…get into shape, eat healthy, find time for a social life, get my life in order…you can fill-in the blank however you wish, but the optimistic idea of change has a hold on you & me both.
I guess you can call them resolutions, but the negative stigma attached to resolutions that it is all about breaking them is probably not the best way to jump feet first into your new and improved life.
The golden ticket to success might be to be realistic and sensible.  I know that is not the sexy idealism that anything and everything is possible, but it certainly should make it more relatable and attainable in the real world.
I think lists in conjunction with a calendar are the keys to unlocking all the world has to offer – one bullet item at a time.  Sure, I would rather type about making lists than really sitting down with a calendar and putting my ideas into action.  (I yawn and lovingly look at my nearby pillow to take a big nap.)
But that is the old me…the new me is writing on the calendar to make my list…tomorrow.  🙂
But seriously, my plan is to embrace the small victories and by adding one or two items to my day, I hope to improve my everyday life.  It may not be about the BIG picture, but rather the small steps to you take to get there and the bumps in the road that form who you are and will become.
It is never to late to change, but you do have to be the catalyst in getting the ball rolling.  Stay tuned to see if life falls back into old habits or if small changes can truly make a difference.
Happy New Year!  Bring it on 2015!

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