It is no fun to spend your free time cleaning or organizing. But after seven years of running your own business, things accumulate and attention must be paid. I know I will be happy when it is all said and done. In the meantime, it is hours lost and tons of collected garbage getting in my way to a true day off.
k12050096  Clean Spaces, Happy Faces k12050096I’ve also been scouring the internet and local stores to decorate my new office (not pictured below as it is still a work in progress) to give it that nice balance of personality, making it a comforting place to call home during the long, hot summer days and a functional work space to call my own.

1-home-office-organization-storage-ideas  Clean Spaces, Happy Faces 1 home office organization storage ideas

Typically, when my living and working spaces are cluttering, so is my mind and my life.

take-one-thing-af1  Clean Spaces, Happy Faces take one thing af1

I know that it took seven years to get me into my current mess and it won’t go away overnight, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to snap my fingers like Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael to tidy up my space…and mind.

I’ve been told that letting off steam or meditating is the key to envisioning a new life…in my experience it is time, energy, effort and patience to get you to your happy place.  But I’m open to your ideas if you want to share…

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