Vote for PBP Favs on

Vote for PBP Favs on minted 100x100

Hello friends! I pulled it together in the 23rd hour to place twists of some of my PBP (Pearl Beach Paperie) favorite wedding invitations up for review and voting on  See if you can spot your must have invitation. Vote today! Savannah | Olivia | Laura | Hillary | Emily | Amanda | Victoria

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Don’t let the heat drag you down

Don’t let the heat drag you down Heat 100x100

I always say I have the best ideas in the shower.  The trick is holding on to them long enough to put pen to paper or remember them beyond the threshold of the shower. But if I could bottle the thoughts and feelings that I had earlier today, I am assured to have a great […]

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Oh, my aching head

Oh, my aching head Heachache Mae West 100x100

As I sit writing this, I’m contemplating taking yet another pill to ward off a wicked headache.  This has sadly become a pretty common occurrence, but without knowing the reasoning behind it (however hard I have tried – doctors, tests, etc.), I pop a pill and hope it will take the pain away with it. […]

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Clean Spaces, Happy Faces

Clean Spaces, Happy Faces 160790609 100x100

It is no fun to spend your free time cleaning or organizing. But after seven years of running your own business, things accumulate and attention must be paid. I know I will be happy when it is all said and done. In the meantime, it is hours lost and tons of collected garbage getting in […]

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Why are we in such a hurry?

Why are we in such a hurry? Alice White Rabbit l 100x100

“I’m late!  I’m late!  I’m late for a very important date!”  You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know that famous line from Alice in Wonderland.  But can you remember what the white rabbit was late for?  I know I can’t.   I’ve always been an observer.  Hell, I even took an […]

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The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier IMG 1598 100x100

It was a trip a long time in the making for me and my family, but with the busy life I was leading, I never had the proper time to plan or get overly excited about it until it was upon me.  This is the EXACT reason I have made the changes in my life…to […]

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Hello World!

Hello World! Grandma Studio 100x100

Welcome to my new website and blog.  This is a very exciting and yet daunting task to put yourself “out” there for all to see.  When I blogged or posted previously, it was mostly for my company Pearl Beach Paperie.  There was a safety in that, that is now lost or left behind. It is […]

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