I Marie Kondo’d My Bathroom

I Marie Kondo’d My Bathroom Marie Kondo 100x100

Where have I been? Ridding my bathroom of old towels, linens and lotions that I never even liked, much less sparked joy. I will admit there are a few odds and ends that I can hopefully get through this weekend, but otherwise, it does spark joy to go in and out of my bathroom now. […]

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An Entertaining Life

An Entertaining Life Masterclass 100x100

Can anyone believe it is already February?  I know I cannot.  The last couple of weeks have been filled with art, learning and entertainment.  I am almost through my second MasterClass (this one with Jodie Foster).  I’ve watched more movies than I have in quite some time.  I have dove into binge-watching highly entertaining television […]

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MasterClass Inspiration

MasterClass Inspiration AnnieSquare 100x100

I finished my first MasterClass with photographer, Annie Leibovitz today.  I had no idea what to expect in a “Master Class”, so I had no expectations beyond the money I spent for the annual subscription to the site.  She is a woman that I think has lived many lives and this dove only into the […]

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Naps & Netflix

Naps & Netflix Naps Netflix 100x100

Half way through January and while I am not completely without proof that this 365 journey is not just another unrealized resolution, I certainly don’t have a lot to show for my time.  I am counting calories and working out, but neither with absolute dedication enough to make any difference…yet.  I’m about 75 pages into […]

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Love, Joy and Peace

Love, Joy and Peace Love Joy Peace 100x100

I Attract Love, Joy and Peace…that was my meditation mantra this evening.  It is a nice thought (especially early in my 365 journey), but not so sure that it applies to me at this moment. Nevertheless, I prevail.  Day 2 and my light was not dimmed today (maybe would have been a better mantra).  I […]

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10…9…8… 2019 100x100

In the final hours of 2018, it was amazing how wide awake I was considering the amount of sleep I have required during my staycation this past week.  Maybe it was because a new year was approaching and I like the feeling of hope that it can bring.  It is like it can magically make […]

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Too soon for the holidays? NEVER!

Too soon for the holidays?  NEVER! 7583112b5b32a04290743e2d30e456a7 100x100

On this the eve of another National Stationery Show (yay!), I’ve thrown another hail Mary and submitted a few designs on’s “Making Spirits Bright Holiday Card Challenge.”  I have again, borrowed elements of past PBP holiday cards for my submissions.  I hope you enjoy the selections and vote today! sugar + spice | thankful […]

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Vote for PBP Favs on

Vote for PBP Favs on minted 100x100

Hello friends! I pulled it together in the 23rd hour to place twists of some of my PBP (Pearl Beach Paperie) favorite wedding invitations up for review and voting on  See if you can spot your must have invitation. Vote today! Savannah | Olivia | Laura | Hillary | Emily | Amanda | Victoria

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Don’t let the heat drag you down

Don’t let the heat drag you down Heat 100x100

I always say I have the best ideas in the shower.  The trick is holding on to them long enough to put pen to paper or remember them beyond the threshold of the shower. But if I could bottle the thoughts and feelings that I had earlier today, I am assured to have a great […]

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Oh, my aching head

Oh, my aching head Heachache Mae West 100x100

As I sit writing this, I’m contemplating taking yet another pill to ward off a wicked headache.  This has sadly become a pretty common occurrence, but without knowing the reasoning behind it (however hard I have tried – doctors, tests, etc.), I pop a pill and hope it will take the pain away with it. […]

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