New Year, Same Tune?

New Year, Same Tune? Lilly Planner 100x100

It doesn’t feel like a new year, much less a new decade. Typically on New Year’s Eve, I have a feeling of excitement and hope for another year around the sun. I get geared up making lists/resolutions for the upcoming year, ways to better my life and plan for the future. But this year…nothing. I’m […]

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Laboring to Find a Miracle

September…Labor Day…how is it possible that we are into the ninth month of 2019?  Where has the time gone?  I am not a pumpkin spice girl, but I am a fan of Fall and I am trying my best to will it to come to Florida.  Fall decor is coming out of storage and filling […]

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Let’s Try This Again

Let’s Try This Again To do list 100x100

I try not to look back, which is why I don’t want to read my previous posts where I had energy and drive to see my plans through to completion.  If you have been reading, you should know that I have fallen off that wagon – no surprise there. Last weekend I realized that each […]

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Finding the Finish Line

Finding the Finish Line Finish Line 100x100

I had dinner with my sister a few weeks ago and in talking about life (big and small things), I said out loud what I obviously knew inside, but never dared to say to someone else…I LOVE starting projects! However, I have difficulty bringing them across the finish line in any capacity. I truly think […]

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Straight Out of the Gate

Straight Out of the Gate Busy Bee 100x100

Have you noticed that the posts are not as frequent as they were at the start of the year?  I am afraid I have fallen prey to the infamous resolution.  I always say that I won’t make a resolution because it is too easy to break – especially in the first quarter.  Nevertheless, I get […]

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I Marie Kondo’d My Bathroom

I Marie Kondo’d My Bathroom Marie Kondo 100x100

Where have I been? Ridding my bathroom of old towels, linens and lotions that I never even liked, much less sparked joy. I will admit there are a few odds and ends that I can hopefully get through this weekend, but otherwise, it does spark joy to go in and out of my bathroom now. […]

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An Entertaining Life

An Entertaining Life Masterclass 100x100

Can anyone believe it is already February?  I know I cannot.  The last couple of weeks have been filled with art, learning and entertainment.  I am almost through my second MasterClass (this one with Jodie Foster).  I’ve watched more movies than I have in quite some time.  I have dove into binge-watching highly entertaining television […]

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MasterClass Inspiration

MasterClass Inspiration AnnieSquare 100x100

I finished my first MasterClass with photographer, Annie Leibovitz today.  I had no idea what to expect in a “Master Class”, so I had no expectations beyond the money I spent for the annual subscription to the site.  She is a woman that I think has lived many lives and this dove only into the […]

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Naps & Netflix

Naps & Netflix Naps Netflix 100x100

Half way through January and while I am not completely without proof that this 365 journey is not just another unrealized resolution, I certainly don’t have a lot to show for my time.  I am counting calories and working out, but neither with absolute dedication enough to make any difference…yet.  I’m about 75 pages into […]

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Spark Joy

Spark Joy Spark Joy 100x100

So…in my first week of this marathon, what I’ve realized is that quality is more important than quantity. Am I right? I’m hoping this is not a copout but rather a realization that while you can find beauty in each passing day, expressing it out loud is not necessarily needed or wanted. I felt a […]

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