In the final hours of 2018, it was amazing how wide awake I was considering the amount of sleep I have required during my staycation this past week.  Maybe it was because a new year was approaching and I like the feeling of hope that it can bring.  It is like it can magically make the bad things disappear and fill the void with dreams, ideas and plans.  Or maybe it is the time of reflection…and inherently age that creeps in that change your perspective.  

10…9…8… ToDo

No matter the cause, I was full of ideas and in major list-making mode.  It is funny how making lists can bring me such joy, but then looking at the list and thinking of tackling it can make me crumble minutes later.  So much so that a great big nap seems like the best thing to do.  Ha!

In my reflection, I realized that I have become complacent in just about everything in my life.  I have allowed myself to become lazy in just about every way possible.  It used to be that I was driven and organized.  With those two key components, it kept me motivated, energetic and happy…I think.

10…9…8… Lazy

But over the years, you hit your goals and/or hit disappointment along the way and you just stop dreaming.  Or maybe reality hits, I’m not sure.
While I know it will be difficult (especially at first), I am going to give it the old college try and change the tides.  I’m trying not to think of it as resolutions because those seem to come and go the first few weeks or months of the year.  But it is what it is…health, wellness, balanced life, organization, yada, yada, yada.

I’m going to try to do something every day for a year to get me closer to taking that next step in life.  While I know that will be difficult some days, I truly want to make a go of it. 

Last night in my sparkling apple juice haze, I thought what a great idea it would be to chronicle my year online.  I was up early this morning to work on my website.  After hours of work on it, technical failures brought me down…for now.  I will continue to write in the meantime and post it all as soon as I get it up and running again, but sometimes when nothing goes right, we have to go left, which is what I did.  Going with the flow if you will.

Why online you say?  I’m a pretty private person that needs a kick in the butt and even if one person out there holds me responsible to sticking with my 365 plan, then that is the kick that I need to find the next path I’m destined to find.

10…9…8… giphy

Happy New Year, let’s see what a difference a year can make!


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