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This is a 365 journey of a real life striving for a happy balanced life.  For years, this has been home to Pearl Beach Paperie as well as the design work of Darcy Sang (me).  But I am taking a bit of a hiatus/left turn for time of self-discovery.  Not a hibernation, but rather a recharge to discover my next life phase. Forgive me for indulging myself and putting my findings out in the world.

Why online? I am generally a pretty private person, however in my path to self-discovery over the years, I have found that I have better results when I am held accountable.  As many of you, I am sure, can understand, life can be unpredictable and take unexpected turns.  One day you wake up and you are not where you thought or hoped you would be.  It may not be wrong.  It may not be bad, but you are left wanting more.

This is my time to find MORE.  Follow along, call me out for being lazy or content, get inspired, be entertained or whatever it may be…but feel free to hop along the path less traveled with me on my journey.

If you are interested in working together on a project, connect with me below.

Let’s do this 2020!

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